Susana and Others

Feb-02-2012  Mendoza's Chicago

Nov-04-2011  Emanuel Tweaks Budget

Oct-30-2011  Sticker Shock

Oct-21-2011  Bolingbrook Grad Now First Female City Clerk of Chicago

Oct-20-2011  Aldermen Turn Attention To Vehicle Sticker Fees At Budget Hearings

Oct-18-2011  New Crackdown on City Sticker Scofflaws

Oct-17-2011  City Cross-checking Sticker Scofflaws with State Database

Oct-14-2011  WTTW: City Clerk Susana Mendoza's Thoughts on a City Sticker Hike

Oct-13-2011  CBS: Pushback Begins Over Mayor’s Proposed Tax And Fee Hikes

Oct-13-2011  NBC: City Clerk to Fight Proposed City Sticker Hike

Oct-12-2011  City Clerk Mendoza To Fight Mayor’s Proposed City Sticker Fee Hikes

Sep-27-2011  NBC: City Clerk Pushing for Ads on Vehicle Stickers

Sep-13-2011  City Clerk Moves Ahead With City Sticker Sponsorship

Sep-08-2011  Overcoming Barriers: City Clerk Susana Mendoza Breaks the Glass-Ceiling

Aug-10-2011  Mendoza Bugged Out About Insects

Aug-09-2011  NBC: City Clerk Staffers Work Among Cockroaches

Aug-08-2011  CBS: Clerk Mendoza - Get My Staff Out Of Roach-Infested Office

Jul-24-2011  ABC: NewsViews - Susana Mendoza Interviewed by Alan Krashesky

Jul-15-2011  Clerk Mendoza Wraps Up Her Tour of All 50 Wards

Jul-14-2011  Mendoza and Muñoz Square Off on Little Pawn Shops

Jul-14-2011  Expired Meter: How To Remove Your Chicago City Sticker

Jul-12-2011  Aldermen Advance Little Village Pawn Shop Over Opposition

Jul-06-2011  City Clerk Opens City Sticker ‘Will Call’ Window

Jun-24-2011  CLTV: City Clerk Susana Mendoza on Politics Tonight

Jun-10-2011  The Undercard No More - Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza

Jun-10-2011  NBC: Win Tickets to See the Chicago Fire Take On Manchester United!

Jun-07-2011  Expired Meter: City Sticker Sales On The Road At Ward Offices

Jun-03-2011  Chicago Democrats Clash Over Illinois House Seat

Jun-01-2011  In-Person Chicago City Sticker Sales Begin Today

May-31-2011  ABC: City Vehicle Stickers Available Online Now

May-25-2011  FOX: Susana Mendoza - Buy City Sticker Online, Enter Raffle to Win Lunch

May-17-2011  FOX: Susana Mendoza Inaugurated As Chicago's First Latina City Clerk

May-16-2011  Chicago TV: City of Chicago Inaguration Cermony

May-16-2011  New City Clerk Susana Mendoza Promises 'User-friendly' Office

May-15-2011  FOX: City Clerk Susana Mendoza To Clean Out City Clerk's Office

May-02-2011  Susana Mendoza: Moving Chicago Forward

May-02-2011  Susana Mendoza: Women to Watch 2011

Apr-13-2011  Illinois House Approves Registry To End Acid Attacks

Apr-08-2011  House Passes Amendment to Strengthen Illinois' DNA Database

Mar-17-2011  Illinois Lawmaker Aims to End Acid Attacks with New Registry

Mar-11-2011  State Rep. Susana Mendoza Wins House Panel OK for Bill Targeting Illinois Sex Offender DNA

Mar-08-2011  Mendoza's Speech Before the Vote to Abolish the Death Penalty

Mar-07-2011  Tech-savvy Mendoza Sets the Tone for Social Media Inside the City Clerk's Office

Mar-01-2011  Desiree Rogers Chosen For Rahm Emanuel's Inaugural Committee

Feb-28-2011  EMILY's List: POP Election Results from Chicago

Feb-28-2011  FOX: Susana Mendoza Want to Hit Ground Running

Feb-24-2011  WTTW: Meet the New City Clerk

Feb-23-2011  UNIVISION: Post Election Coverage

Feb-23-2011  NBC: City Clerk-Elect Mendoza Visits Studio 5

Feb-23-2011  NBC: Mendoza First Female City Clerk

Feb-23-2011  ABC: Mendoza To Become First Female City Clerk

Feb-23-2011  Marin: Mendoza On New Path with City Clerk Victory

Feb-22-2011  UNIVISION: Election Night Coverage

Feb-22-2011  Mendoza Declares Victory in Clerk’s Race

Feb-22-2011  FOX: Newly Elected Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza Promises: 'Stickers Will Stick!'

Feb-22-2011  State Lawmaker Takes City Clerk's Office

Feb-22-2011  Rep. Susana Mendoza Declares Victory in Clerk's Race

Feb-22-2011  Expired Meter: 2011 Election Endorsements

Feb-20-2011  Tribune: City Clerk Hopefuls Argue Post Is Check On Power

Feb-19-2011  12-Year-Old Boy Spearheads Phone Banking Session for Mendoza

Feb-18-2011  CBS: Heated Contest For City Clerk Candidates

Feb-18-2011  ABC: The Race for Chicago City Clerk

Feb-17-2011  Susana Mendoza Phone Banks with HBO Documentary Star

Feb-17-2011  Susana Mendoza Wants to Become Chicago's First Woman City Clerk

Feb-16-2011  Southwest News-Herald Endorsement: City Clerk

Feb-16-2011  Sun-Times: Clerk Candidates Would Make History in Office Critics Say Should Be History

Feb-15-2011  U.S. Senator Durbin Endorses Mendoza for City Clerk

Feb-11-2011  FOX: City Clerk Candidates Susana Mendoza and Patricia Horton

Feb-09-2011  Sierra Club Makes First-Ever Endorsement For City Clerk

Feb-04-2011  Gazette Endorsement: City Clerk

Feb-04-2011  Tribune: For Clerk - Mendoza

Feb-01-2011  Susana Mendoza for City Clerk

Jan-31-2011  Jesse White backs Mendoza for city clerk

Jan-31-2011  Columbia Chronicle: Election Rundown - City Clerk Candidates

Jan-29-2011  Sun-Times: Endorsements for City Clerk

Jan-27-2011  Mendoza campaigns at Sidetrack

Jan-25-2011  Who's the Clerk?

Jan-25-2011  Getting on ballot has never been a piece of cake

Jan-18-2011  Helping Lead Chicago's Recovery

Jan-15-2011  SEIU Makes Endorsements in City Races

Jan-14-2011  Clerk hopeful blasts Chico over office’s future

Jan-13-2011  Sun-Times: Editorial Board Questionnaires - City Clerk

Jan-10-2011  ABC: Inaguration Day in Illinois

Jan-08-2011  Tribune: Editorial Board Questionnaires - City Clerk

Jan-07-2011  Illinois House leaves town without voting on income-tax hike

Jan-06-2011  New House Vote OKs Repeal Of Death Penalty

Jan-06-2011  Illinois House votes to abolish death penalty

Jan-06-2011  Income tax hike deal reached; Death penalty abolition advances

Jan-05-2011  Top Mayoral Candidates Are Starting To Sound Alike

Jan-05-2011  WGN: Should City Sticker Have Ads?

Jan-04-2011  Mendoza: Rahm Plan Like ‘My Idea’

Jan-04-2011  Emanuel proposes ads on garbage trucks to pay for after-school programs

Jan-04-2011  Rahm Emanuel: Ads on city stickers, garbage trucks could help pay for after-school programs

Jan-03-2011  Liberal Group Endorses del Valle (and Mendoza)

Dec-20-2010  Red Light Cams, Speed Traps and City Stickers

Dec-20-2010  The Campaign For Chicago City Clerk

Dec-18-2010  Clerk Candidate Floats Idea of City Sticker Ads

Dec-17-2010  City Clerk Candidate: Sell Ads on City Stickers

Dec-16-2010  Welcome to Chicago Kit | A Facebook Discussion

Dec-15-2010  Unions Endorse Pro-Labor Candidates for City Offices

Dec-15-2010  Locals Gather to Hear Chico/Mendoza Deliver Campaign Message

Dec-12-2010  Public Affairs: Susana Mendoza - Candidate for Chicago City Clerk

Dec-07-2010  Comcast Newsmakers: Acid Attack Legislation Interview with Susana Mendoza

Dec-05-2010  Cast Your Vote for the Vehicle Sticker Art Contest

Nov-29-2010  House Democrats Give Madigan Another Nod

Nov-29-2010  Who Is Your Alderman? | A Facebook Discussion

Nov-21-2010  About Quinn's 'Mandate'...

Nov-08-2010  WGN: Acid Attack Victims Testify As Panel Recommends Ordinance

Nov-08-2010  Acid Attack Aftermath

Nov-08-2010  WTTW: News Analysis - Lawmakers with Carol Marin

Nov-08-2010  FOX: Enact Tougher Laws on Acid Attacks

Nov-04-2010  Chicago Live! Election Recap Panel

Oct-29-2010  Renewing Your City Sticker | A Facebook Discussion

Oct-17-2010  BINGO: The Dems Not-So Secret Weapon in Chicago's 33rd Ward

Oct-07-2010  Susana A. Mendoza - The Chicago Fire Candidate?

Sep-17-2010  Mendoza Eyes Run for Chicago City Clerk

Sep-15-2010  State Rep. Mendoza Wants City Clerk Job

Jul-29-2010  FOX: More Illegal Immigrants in Illinois than Arizona

Apr-28-2010  FOX: Stopping Chicago's Rampant Violence

Mar-10-2010  WGN: Monitor Iraqi Elections Part 2 of 2

Mar-02-2010  WGN: Monitor Iraqi Elections Part 1 of 2

  Chicago 2011 Inaugural Committee Launches "Chicago Together" Website
Chicago 2011 Inaugural Committee, Chicago Together, Launches Website ..

  Chicago 2011 Inaugural Committee Co-Chairs Announced
Civic leaders from across the city will organize the inauguration of C..

  Former Inspector General David Hoffman Endorses Mendoza for City Clerk
Praises her record of public service and strong commitment to i..

  U.S. Senator Durbin Endorses Mendoza for City Clerk
Cites her independence and energy as great assets for Chicago ..

  Mendoza Hits the Airwaves
"Advocate" highlights Mendoza’s independence and plans to ad..

  State Representative Mendoza and Alderman Moreno Applaud Attorney General Madigan for Burge Lawsuit
Elected officials agree, former Commander Jon Burge should not be rewa..

  Secretary of State Jesse White Endorses Susana Mendoza
Secretary White kicks off Early Voting by choosing his candidate for City..

  Media Advisory: Secretary of State Jesse White Endorses Susana Mendoza
Secretary White kicks off Early Voting by choosing his candidate for City..

  EMILY’s List Endorses Mendoza In City Clerk’s Race
Largest women’s political action committee looks forward to helping..

  Teachable Moment Regarding Checks and Balances for Gery Chico
City Clerk's Office Essential for Open Government and Checks and Balanc..

  Police Organizations Lining Up Behind Mendoza
Susana Mendoza Wins Support of Two More Police Organizations FOR IM..

  Susana Mendoza Praises Rahm Emanuel for Backing Her City Sticker Idea
Susana Mendoza Praises Rahm Emanuel for Backing Her Idea for Ads on C..

  IVI-IPO Says Mendoza Is Best Candidate For City Clerk
Mendoza endorsed based on her outstanding ten year record of standing up ..

  Mendoza Kicks-off Campaign Surrounded By Supporters
Introduces Proposal To Put One Hundred New Cops On Street FOR IMM..

  Susana Mendoza Files for Chicago City Clerk
Susana Mendoza files for Chicago City Clerk and seals the coveted last..




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