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Emanuel proposes ads on garbage trucks to pay for after-school programs

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel said today he would allow advertising on city vehicle stickers, garbage trucks and at public events like farmers markets to help pay for an after-school program to protect students from violence by keeping them off the streets.

The former White House chief of staff hopes to raise $25 million through the ad push, according to information released at an Emanuel news conference.

The total cost of Emanuel's proposed after-school program would be $95 million annually, according to a news release. It would expand on existing after-school programs like After School Matters, and tap federal funding and partnerships with local businesses to cover much of the cost.

City clerk candidate Susana Mendoza* issued a statement pointing out that she proposed the city sticker advertising idea last month. Mendoza, a state lawmaker, said the money should go toward hiring more police.

* Read the January 4 press statement, regarding this topic, from Rep Susana Mendoza about Rahm Emaunel's plan.

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